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Find out how you can achieve more with automation, all while navigating the effects of labour scarcity.

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Agri Automation provides medium to large-scale farming operations in New Zealand with the latest autonomous technology to utilise existing farm management equipment and processes in order to achieve increased efficiency and maximum productivity.

Automation in agribusiness is transforming farming operations worldwide. And now, this technology is available for New Zealand farmers when you partner up with Agri Automation. We believe that what we’re offering is an invaluable investment that will substantially enhance your business for years to come.

We know as farmers you’re integral to the success of New Zealand as a whole. We know you’re innovative, relentlessly resilient and determined, as you go about delivering the best produce in the world. We also know your struggles and the pain points of your operations. That’s why we provide agribusiness solutions with the latest technology to add value to your farm and boost your bottom-line.

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